Clinical Coding
for International Students

Embark on Your Clinical Coding Career

Please note that page contains information for International Residents ONLY.  If you are an Australian Student, please visit our Diploma of Clinical Coding for Australian Students page.

There are a number of Clinical Coding pathways available to International Students.  To get started:

  • Establish which version and edition of the Australian clinical coding system is in use in the country where you intend to apply your medical coding knowledge and skills.
  • Choose between an Australian Government (RTO) recognized medical coding full course or shorter NON-RTO courses, designed to meet the clinical coding skill needs of countries other than Australia.

Most single competency clinical coding courses do have pre-requisite knowledge/skill requirements. This is explained further when you click on the Learn More button for each medical coding course offered.

Countries making use of the ICD-10-AM coding system need to obtain a license from the Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority (IHACPA) ( to do so. The Australian modifications of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) are regularly reviewed and updated. If you are located in an unlicensed country then you need to demonstrate your student status to obtain the classification books from the publisher. Purchasing details are provided once you have been enrolled and have started your studies.

If you are interested in enrolling in the full Diploma of Clinical Coding (HLT50321), start your journey here.

Australian RTO Approved Courses

The following single competency medical coding courses are Australian Government recognised (RTO Compliant) and are offered in both 11th and 12th Editions.  To find out more about each course, the required pre-requisites, and to enrol, please press the LEARN MORE button.

Note: Courses offering the ICD-10-AM 10th edition are only available as Non-RTO courses.

If you have any questions about our courses or the enrolment and payment processes, please contact us.

Diploma of Clinical Coding Part 1 – no RPL

Study Hours: 340

Cost: $3,960

Diploma of Clinical Coding Part 1 – RPL

Study Hours: 310

Cost: $3,245

Use Medical Terminology in Health Care

Study Hours: 85

Cost: $720

Interpret Clinical Documentation
using Anatomy and Physiology (HLTCCD004)

Study Hours: 90

Cost: $990

Abstract Information for Clinical Coding

Study Hours: 90

Cost: $425

Undertake Moderately Complex Clinical Coding

Study Hours: 150

Cost: $2,800

Australian Non-RTO Approved Courses

The following single competency clinical coding courses are not Australian Government recognised (non-RTO). To find out more about each course or the enrolment and payment processes, please contact us.

Basic Clinical Coding Conversion
Out-Patients CM to AM

Study Hours: 100

Cost: $2,700

Basic Clinical Coding Conversion
In-Patients CM to AM

Study Hours: 90

Cost: $2,500

Basic Clinical Coding Out-Patients

Study Hours: 150

Cost: $2,800

Basic Clinical Coding Inpatients

Study Hours: 150

Cost: $2,800

Basic Clinical Coding Out-Patients (RPL)

Study Hours: 110

Cost: $2,475

Basic Clinical Coding In-Patients (RPL)

Study Hours: 110

Cost: $2,475

Intermediate Clinical Coding – C2

Study Hours: ?

Cost: $2,500

Recognition of our International Experience & Innovation

Industry Engagement

eHE staff and contributors have been active participants in the national Workforce evaluations of clinical coder education, and the recent review which led to the development of the Diploma in Clinical Coding.

Our course developers and tutors have worked as coders, auditors, and lecturers in Health Information Management Programs and many have been senior members of the Health Information Management Association National Board. They have worked as advisers to coding services in Australia and internationally and are regarded as senior members of the profession.

The eHE training team participate regularly in clinical coding governance activities discussing coding standards and correct coding with the eHRol community of Teachers, Coding Managers and Mentors.

EHE provided me with the most professional and well organized fascinating education journey.  the knowledge, experience and real practical clinical coding environment equipped me with all I needed.  It was the most valuable investment I’ve ever made.

– Abdullah

The Clinical Coder training courses are a well structured course delivered via an easy to follow online platform. The tutors are knowledgeable and helpful and the flexible nature of the course enables you to do it at your own pace and in a time that suits your schedule. The clinical knowledge and practice cases ensures that you are work ready for a professional coding position.

– Megan

Immerse Yourself in Digital Health

Access a simulated workplace environment for immersion in Digital Health

The eHealth Records online learning portal (eHRol) is cloud-based and ideal for studying health record content, data and code systems. eHRol is the end-to-end tool to simulate the EHR (electronic health record) environment, develop skills and workforce capabilities.

By using eHRol, the world leading clinical coder training tool, to simulate the clinical coding environment, with our tutor acting as your mentors, you will not just gain knowledge – but real skills.