How we can work with youHIC2012evpw-1053

We can provide value for money educational and consulting services on contract to:

  1. Individuals seeking quality education focused on practical workplace needs.
  2. Health service organisations who share our commitment to manage and promote safe, effective and sustainable healthcare delivery services by making the best possible use of available information and communication technologies.
  3. Universities and other Higher Education providers in need of our expertise. Course development flexibility and scope often represent high risk to these organizations, that risk and financial investment can be reduced and quality assured when developments are partnered with eHE.
  4. Any industry with a need for workforce development in the areas of essential computing and/or training and assessment.

Mentoring and Support for Clinical Coding and Health Informatics

Sick of consultants who come in and get something going but leave you without the skills to do it yourself into the future?  eHE will build your skills while providing highly experienced international expertise to consult on your project and improve your outcomes.  This support provides guidance and assistance for new graduates and those who do not have the detailed skills or mentors in the workplace.  Click for more information

Parnership Courses

eHE works with professional bodies and education providers such as univerisites to develop and delivery quality education.

Solve your staff shortage, work with international experts, collaborate in education and research  Click for more information

General Information

Our educators and trainers have credentials that comply with Australian registered training organisations and University HIC2012evpw-1001accreditation requirements.  We have many years experience in the university environment and also work in conjunction with suitably qualified experts from around the world to develop top quality courses suited to industry need.

Our trainers/educators are able to interact securely with students anytime making use of a variety of broadband Internet technologies and devices. This ensures students can undertake their study anywhere, anytime to best suit their lifestyles and work commitments. All educational material is approved by our academic board prior to delivery; it is peer reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

eHe has an agreement with the Copyright Agency Limited (License number SE6682). This statutory license allows eHe to make copies of copyright works for educational purposes in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968 part VB.

eHE offer a range of services to assist in staff development, workforce analysis and health informatics.