Education Partnerships

eHE works with universities and education providers to deliver quality education

Digital Health is a highly specialised and changing area and educational organisations and professional bodies and healthcare organisations are challenged to provide courses and expertise to their students, staff and members.

eHE offers expert and experienced health informatics educators with top international reputations. Give your members or students the best input and leadership. Support your education providers by giving them backup and access to expertise not available elsewhere.

We’re here to solve your problems and help you be the best

Classification and Terminology Support Services

ICD Clinical Coding Support

Working as a coder in a remote area and need support from senior experienced coder/mentor. This service provides workplace support for the clinical coding service where other support is not available or too expensive.

SNOMED CT Services

EHE has international experts in the implementation of SNOMED-CT – we can help you

  • build SNOMED CT skills in your organisation
  • establish the sets of codes you need,
  • assist with submission of requests for additional codes
  • management of your namespace (organisation specific version of SNOMED-CT)

Workforce Evaluation

Is your organisation ready for the digital health age?

Do you know if you have the skills you need?

EHE’s top health informaticians are also experienced educators qualified and able to evaluate your organisation’s skills to prepare for digital health or to expand your digital capabilities with confidence and safety in the most cost effective manner.

This evaluation provides a roadmap for skill development that is industry best practice, practical, achievable and cost effective.

What eHealth knowledge and skills does my workforce need?

Well structured electronic health records (EHRs) are essential if we are to obtain a sustainable health system capable of providing safe and high quality healthcare whilst meeting all necessary health care demands.

In this scenario Health Industry employers need to ensure that their existing workforce has the necessary knowledge and skills to make the best possible use of available eHealth technologies to improve organisational performance.

We offer to work with employers to:

  • Identify specific eHealth professional development needs
  • Meet your needs via tailored continuous on-line staff development short courses available on-line
  • Develop and present on-site workshops on specific topics anywhere in Australia
  • Manage any eHealth seminar/workshop event.