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Your opportunity to learn from the experts. eHE’s courses are designed and delivered by international health informatics experts who also understand education. Build your skills and your network.

Our training packages cover formal qualifications but also “just in time” learning to build your skills in the workplace and help you deliver future focused solutions to your digital health dilemmas. You can select full courses or just do shorter components relevant to your work place problems.

Online learning doesn’t have to be a solo experience – our tutors are there to help you all the way. Where you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed or to be given a timetable, our e-learning packages may be right up your street.


eHE is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, supporting innovative tool development and building tomorrows digital health world leaders.

  • International focus – our students and teachers come from across the globe

  • Career Pathways – we encourage learning and growth across a range of digital health topics from first skills to advanced leadership.
  • People not profits – education available to all, caring for your development.


eHE’s Vision:  Equal access to high quality healthcare for everyone.

To provide a simulated digital health platform enabling everyone to learn how to make informed decisions based on digitally enabled high quality data, enabling value-based, person centred, predictive, participatory, purpose-driven, precision healthcare.

eHE’s philosophy is to:

  • Share the knowledge and skills of world experts with students, and with other educators to enable global course improvement.
  • Focus on practical, success and future focused education for the healthcare workforce

We are committed to delivering the latest theory and practical application of health informatics to support real advances in digital healthcare to prepare:

  • Decision makers,
  • Leaders and champions,
  • Those who need to build from initial skills to detailed specialization, and
  • Those given digital health tasks without much background in the area

We will

  • Help you learn,
  • Support you and help you to become independent learners ready for jobs in the real world,
  • Listen to your questions, suggestions and needs,
  • Maintain our currency in digital health advances so that we can bring you the latest proven solutions.

eHE’s values include:

  • Friendly, innovative and supportive training and consultancy to address practical needs in your workforce
  • To go beyond the academic – our teachers are actively working to solve digital health problems (we teach from experience and research)
  • Highest quality based upon international evidence, expertise and educational skill




Bringing you international experience and innovation

Covering all areas of digital health, with new courses added regularly

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