Implementing SNOMED CT

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Implementing SNOMED CT in your EHR

SNOMED CT is the world’s language for clearly representing clinical information in your EHR(Electronic Health Record), but implementing this complex ontology to build towards a truly safe and effective EHR that can grow with your organisation and its systems, support clinical decision making, enhance interoperability requires some special skills.

This course is built by experts in SNOMED CT implementation, education and health informatics and includes practical knowledge, practice and support.

Understand SNOMED CT from a practical perspective

This course gets you going practically using SNOMED CT safely and efficiently in your organisation’s implementation. Whether you are clinical or technical you will learn about the alternatives and requirements for implementation as well as selection and maintenance of SNOMED CT codes within your system.

Prepare to start using SNOMED CT

  • Contribute to leadership of SNOMED CT implementation projects
  • Plan the management needed for SNOMED CT within your organisation
  • Provide SNOMED CT guidance to clinical and administrative staff when design codes to be used in your system/s

Course Structure

This course is online using the simulated work place environment of eHRol for course delivery, practice and assessment all with tutor support (you don’t have to work on your own). The skills are taught in 8 Modules and take an average of 150 hours including time for study, practice and assessment (10 Credit Points equivalent Masters Level Course).


Study Hours: 7

Cost: $220

  • Understand the benefits of SNOMED CT
  • Understand the use cases for SNOMED CT
  • Understand what a SNOMED CT license means


Study Hours: 7

Cost: $220

  • Understand the structure of SNOMED CT
    • Concepts and codes
    • Concept types, descriptions, relationships, reference sets and other components
  • How to read and understand the definitions and components of SNOMED CT
  • Understand terminology working essentials
    • Subsumption
    • Equivalence
  • How computer systems use SNOMED CT
  • Understand the tools you need, such as a SNOMED CT browser

Assign correct SNOMED CT Codes

Study Hours: 14

Cost: $360

  • Find and use appropriate SNOMED CT Browser tools
  • Interpret SNOMED CT Browser content
  • Apply the SNOMED CT concept model to the meaning of codes
  • Establish your implementation SNOMED CT use rules.
  • Select the correct code in SNOMED CT to represent a concept

Select a code system

Study Hours: 7

Cost: $220

  • Understand the different sorts of code systems
  • Understand how different use cases need different code systems
  • Be able to explain the differences between ontologies and classifications
  • Able to evaluate code systems and chose a system which is fit for purpose

Maintain SNOMED CT Iimplementation

Study Hours: 7

Cost: $220

  • Understand the activities needed to maintain SNOMED CT
  • Plan and manage the maintenance of SNOMED CT in your organisation
  • Assess the risk of failure to maintain your SNOMED CT implementation

Request Additions and Changes to SNOMED CT

Study Hours: 7

Cost: $220

  • Identify implementation infrastructure and workforce needed for SNOMED CT implementation
  • Purchasing software – evaluating SNOMED CT vendor requirements and responsibilities
  • Establish strategy for ongoing maintenance of SNOMED CT in the organisation or project

SNOMED CT International Terminology

Be ready for decision making on the implementation and use of SNOMED CT in your organisation and feel confident about your decisions, and the team and processes you establish to maintain safe, effective and accurate data in your systems.

Is this course for me?

Whether you are a senior manager, government representative, nurse, doctor, health information manager, IT professional or Software Vendor – if you are involved in determining codes and screens used to collect and represent data in your organisation – or would like to be – this course is for you.

If you are developing clinical decision support systems you need to understand how the code system works and how to specify information properly to support retrieval – this course starts the understanding of this new journey too.

Recognition on Successful Completion

A recognition certificate is provided to indicate your attainment of skills detailing the specific areas where you have shown your skills.

This course is the equivalent of 10 credit points for university course recognition.

Required Texts & Materials

Internet access and the ability to access SNOMED CT browsers is essential (links to relevant browsers are provided).

  • Learner’s guides – The Text Book which acts as a text and reference as well as a guide on how to move through the course.
  • Presentation videos of key content where relevant
  • References to other sites and documents to assist additional learning
  • Practice Records real records or extracts from real records with instant feedback to help you learn, as well as tutor support.
  • Formal assessment of your skills (similar to the practice but assessed).

Recognition of our International Experience & Innovation

Industry Engagement

eHE staff and contributors have been active participants in the national Workforce evaluations of clinical coder education, and the recent review which led to the development of the Diploma in Clinical Coding.

Our course developers and tutors have worked as coders, auditors, and lecturers in Health Information Management Programs and many have been senior members of the Health Information Management Association National Board. They have worked as advisers to coding services in Australia and internationally and are regarded as senior members of the profession.

The eHE training team participate regularly in clinical coding governance activities discussing coding standards and correct coding with the eHRol community of Teachers, Coding Managers and Mentors.

EHE provided me with the most professional and well organized fascinating education journey.  the knowledge, experience and real practical clinical coding environment equipped me with all I needed.  It was the most valuable investment I’ve ever made.

– Abdullah

The Clinical Coder training courses are a well structured course delivered via an easy to follow online platform. The tutors are knowledgeable and helpful and the flexible nature of the course enables you to do it at your own pace and in a time that suits your schedule. The clinical knowledge and practice cases ensures that you are work ready for a professional coding position.

– Megan

Immerse Yourself in Digital Health

Access a simulated workplace environment for immersion in Digital Health

The eHealth Records online learning portal (eHRol) is cloud-based and ideal for studying health record content, data and code systems. eHRol is the end-to-end tool to simulate the EHR (electronic health record) environment, develop skills and workforce capabilities.

By using eHRol, the world leading clinical coder training tool, to simulate the clinical coding environment, with our tutor acting as your mentors, you will not just gain knowledge – but real skills.