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Health Informatics – an Overview

Studying for Health Informatics Certification, or just looking

Health informatics an overview

for a good introductory text to this dynamic and growing area – this text is the one.  Written by internation experts in a wide range of topics including:

  • Introductory fundamentals
  • Electronic Health Records
  • IT and the relationship to clinical practice
  • Basic Health Informatics
  • IT to support healthcare service delivery management
  • Supporting clinial research and practice

Hovenga E.J.S, Kidd M, Garde S, Hullin C  (Eds), 2nd Ed Health Informatics: an overview  IOS Press, Amsterdam 2010  HI Book IOSPress flyer – Australia

Purchase:  $110.00 (Australian Dollars including postage)

Global Health Informatics Education

Education Book1 If you are developing courses, curricular, competencies or other educational offerings for Health Informatics you NEED this text.   Produced by international experts from the IMIA Education working group this is still the ‘go to’ text for education in health informatics.  Material includes

  • Governance for student interchange
  • Education and competency standards
  • Curriculum and degree structures
  • Outcomes and recognition
  •  Delivery and evaluation methodology

Mantis J and Hovenga, E, Global Health Informatics Education: IOS Press, Amsterdam 2004

Purchase:  $28.95 (Australian dollars including postage)

Health Information Governance in a Digital Environment

Delivering the desired benefits from using information technology in healthcare requires a high degree of data standardization, effective governance and semantic interoperability between systems in the health industry.  Corporate chief executive officers and company boards need to be more aware of their governance responsibilities.  This publication explains these concepts to assist the reader to collaboratively work with others to meet these challenges.   People who would find this book particularly useful include:

governance front page

  • Policy and decision makers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Health information managers
  • Health informatics and ICT professional


  • data governance
  • semantic interoperability
  • IT in healthcare
  • Information security governance