openEHR is not a mystery is is one of the component parts that make EHR and health data work

Understand where the pieces fit such as openEHR, FHIR, Terminologies.  Only when they work together does healthcare get real advantages

This course is designed for anyone who makes decisions about health data or systems or their use, including those: 

  • migrating or updating to electronic health records,
  • designing or using national or state data collections,
  • designing or using clinical decision support rules and systems,
  • making decisions about healthcare system purchase, implementations or data, and
  • developing information exchange strategies and solutions.

At the successful completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the need for participation
  • Ability to participate in a CKM review
  • Understand the relationship of template design to workplace and roles
  • Understand the process of template design, including terminology limitation and specification
  • Understand the outputs from openEHR – the software scripts available for implementation
  • Understand the difference between local use and international specification

This course takes 10 hours in total (including practice and assessments)  If you complete the assessments you will receive a statement of achievement which can be used to apply for professional development credits.