The bricks of healthcare systems – start your journey in the art of designing the building blocks of health data – openEHR Archetypes.

The course explains what data modelling is and how it relates to openEHR clinical models, the modelling process, how to participate and the detailed skills needed.

At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the purpose of clinical modelling – why do we do it
  • Be able to find and interpret the openEHR clinical model content
  • Be able to contribute to a clinical model update / review process
  • Understand what the modeller does – the steps in the process
  • Evaluate whether the content you need is present – recognise common patterns
  • Ask for additions or improvements to the data
  • Understand what else you need to be able to do to take modelling further.

This course takes 20 hours in total (including practice and assessments)  If you complete the assessments you will receive a statement of achievement which can be used to apply for professional development credits.