Intermediate Clinical Coding (C2)

Study Hours: ?

International Students Only

This course is not a formal qualification, has fewer prerequisites than required for the full Diploma level course.  It covers moderately complex coding but not additional requirements such as DRGs or auditing.

A statement of achievement is given for all who successfully complete this course, but that is not a recognised qualification in Australia.  It may be recognised in other countries.

This course requires successful completion of basic coding course and an application for recognition of prior learning must be provided.

This course includes the following skills:

Knowledge of health classifications and standards used by clinical coders (Australian Coding Standards, for ICD-10-AM)

Ability to:

  • Abstract clinical data from moderately complex patient health care records
  • Assign codes to episodes of care related to moderately complex patient health care records
    • diagnoses, interventions, additional concepts including condition onset flags, hours of mechanical ventilation, birthweight.
    • appropriate sequencing of the codes for the episode
    • clarify coding queries
  • Accurately code
  • Use relevant technology
  • Address deficiencies in documentation with relevant clinicians

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