Nationally Recognised TrainingUnderstanding the words of medicine – the basis to many careers

This package prepares you to understand how clinical terms are ‘built’ from their prefixes, roots and suffixes and to understand what these terms mean. Abbreviations and anatomy, physiology and common diseases and interventions are included across all healthcare specialties.  This is how medical concepts and ideas are represented.

  • Text book – all materials needed are provided in the course content

    Personal Tutor provided

Start anytime, work at your own pace with tutor support.

At completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Respond appropriately to instructions which contain medical terminology
  • Carry out routine tasks requiring the use or understanding of medical terms
  • Use appropriate medical terminology in oral and written communication

Full details explained in BSBMED301

Opportunities after doing this course

These skills are required to support many administrative activities in a healthcare environment.

Learn while building real world experience

You will have access to highly experienced managers and trainers while completing the course at your own pace online from anywhere in the world. Our trainers are there to help you learn, they are qualified clinical coders, health information managers, health informaticians, and educators.