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  • Choosing a code system (DAT8_010)

    Code systems are the basis of data collection throughout healthcare.  Different types of code systems are designed to solve different data collection and representation issues.  This course explains the attributes of different sorts of code system and how these attributes impact the way that code system can be used in healthcare systems, including electronic health records. Keep it simple - Understand what the fuss is about.  SNOMED CT solves some issues but isn’t the code system for all alternatives. At the end of this course you will:
    • Understand the different sorts of code systems 
    • Understand how different use cases need different code systems
    • Be able to explain the differences between ontologies and classifications
    • Able to evaluate code systems and chose a system which is fit for purpose
    This course is provided in 2 sections. 
    1. You receive course materials, videos, and resources along with exercises to consider and practice so that you can build your skills.
    2. An assessment where you can demonstrate your skills.  You are free to use real world work situations so the course can help you deliver high quality results in the workplace.
    This course is taught online.  You have one month to complete the program, if you need longer you may apply for an extension.

    Study Hours: 7

  • Data at the Centre of Care (DAT7_004)

    This module explains the problems and transition from the way data was managed in the past to what is needed for the new digital age.

    You will gain skills to:

    • Understand the need for a new way to look at health data
    • Understand the scope and intent of the health data supply chain
    • Understand the players in the data supply chain Understand the methods of data transition through the supply chain
    • Understand data specifications to support care and transformation (Clinical Knowledge Manager tool)

    Study Hours: 7