These courses develop understanding and skills in SNOMED CT (the biggest and most common terminology in healthcare). You may start at the level which suits your job or problem. The courses cover what SNOMED CT is, how it is used and what is needed for implementation, reference sets and mapping. Courses are designed for the workplace – you may take small components based upon your needs – see the task list and courses associated with each work place problem.

Courses are online or can be delivered in 1 or 2 days at your organisation, depending upon your need.

Professional Development/Continuing Education – certificates at completion of the course are provided which can be used for professional development evidence.

Our SNOMED CT courses are supplied in collaboration with our education partner the Global eHealth Collaborative . These links will direct you straight to the appropriate area.

SNOMED CT for decision makers

Know what decisions can change your outcomes and return on investment with SNOMED CT. Lower your risk and improve your outcomes

Getting started

Want to understand what it is all about and get started using SNOMED CT

Data development and reference sets

Design data and content for records and messages using SNOMED CT


Use maps, data produced through maps, or develop maps to convert data from one code system to another.

SNOMED CT for Clinicians

Clinicians using information systems with SNOMED CT need to understand how it works and what the clinical impacts and use cases are

IT professionals and vendors

Implementing SNOMED CT, reference sets, maps etc in health software requires understand file structures, tools and exchange structures.

Data governance

Responsible for data govenance - understand the safety and data quality issues associated with SNOMED CT, maps and reference sets