The language of medical practice is a foundation skill for many professions, including clinical coders. The courses here are nationally recognised training in clinical language and terms (not the computer based terminology systems). If you would like to learn clinical language and clinical coding, we offer a course which includes both together, which is a shorter, more cost effective and easier learning approach.

You should be aware however that in Digital Health or eHealth medical or clinical terminology means a code system such as SNOMED CT. We provide links to clinical coding and SNOMED CT courses to help you make sure you’re getting the knowledge you need.

[su_service title=”SNOMED CT Courses” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]Courses developing skills and understanding of what clinical terminologies are and how they are used, the implications for implementation, use of the terminology and tools associated with SNOMED CT, reference sets and mapping.[/su_service] [su_service title=”Learn ICD-10-AM (10th Edition)” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]

The Edition used in Australia from July 2917, courses available from 1st August 2017.

[/su_service] [su_service title=”Learn ICD-10-AM (9th Edition)” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]

The Edition is used in New Zealand and was used in Australia 1 July 2015 – 30th June 2917..

[/su_service] [su_service title=”Learn ICD-10-AM 8th Edition” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]Those wishing to undertake clinical coding or work in healthcare can develop skills through a series of online courses, all supported by expert tutors and experienced clinical coders. [/su_service] [su_service title=”Learn ICD-10-AM 6th Edition” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]

These courses usde ICD-10-AM 6th edition (the current coding system used in Saudi Arabia)

[/su_service] [su_service title=”ICD-10-AM Certificates and Qualifications” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]Certificate IV Health Administration and Clinical Coding or Certificate IV in Clinical Classification (for those with a sponsor hospital)[/su_service]