A solution to remote and solo coding situations. This is the cost effective solution to develop clinical coding skills, and access support without expensive consulting costs. A personal mentor is allocated to you or your organisation and will answer any queries within 24 hours, though usually sooner (with backup available if your mentor isn’t available). Mentors are experienced HIMs with extensive coding experience and clinical coding auditors. Their availability should reduce any issues associated with employing new clinical coders working alone as they will not be alone they have support.

The nature of coding is such that we cannot guarantee to always provide an ICD-10-AM or ACHI code but we will assist with solving the coding dilemma in the most effective way and in a manner which helps in the development of clinical coding skills. Our staff will also provide, when necessary, feedback to the hospital’s senior management on any issues noted as a result of a Clinical Coding question, such as documentation issues, though the privacy of individuals who use this service will be maintained.

Who needs this support

The service is available for clinical coders who have:

  • just finished or are finishing clinical coder training and need someone to provide help and support
  • no one with whom they can discuss ideas for clinical coding queries
  • code infrequently and need someone to consult when they have something they haven’t coded in a while or which is new to them.

How will I benefit

The service provides (according to need):

  • The Lead Term and pathway to find the correct code.
  • Assistance with preparing a Coding Query (for clinicians or external authorities)
  • Advice to submit the query to the relevant State committee and an interim solution.
  • Assistance in understanding the medical vocabulary and medical science related to the coding question.
  • Assistance in understanding the Australian Coding Standard and/or Coding Rule relevant to the coding question.
  • Report of progress or issues within the organisation can be provided on request
  • An outline will be provided to individuals who enrol in this service that they can provide to employers

Structure and what to expect

This is a service for 12 months (renewable if required). Contact is through email, phone, online meetings etc, though face to face can be arranged at additional charge (transport costs only).

Individual support
Small hospital support – 1 EFT clinical coder or less
Hospital support – up to 3 EFT clinical coders