“Success in eHealth projects has 3 components:

  • do no harm and deliver benefits
  • introduce future focused infrastructure, and
  • build skills in the organisation to do it better and cheaper next time.”  Heather Grain (3rd International Conference on Instrumentatin, communications, Information Technology and Biomedial Engineering 2013)

Sick of consultants who come in and get something going but leave you without the skills to do it yourself into the future?  eHE will build your skills while providing highly experienced international expertise to consult on your project and improve your outcomes, leaving you with a more effective the first time and do it better in the future.

Have new graduates employed who need mentoring and support to develop their skills, experience and confidence – eHE provide highly experienced staff used to mentoring and developing staff (qualified educators) who are also qualified and experienced clinical coders or health informaticians.  Reduce your costs – this option is much less expensive than employing a mentor or coder educator/auditor.   This support provides guidance and assistance for new graduates and those who do not have the detailed skills or mentors in the workplace.


ICD Clinical Coding Support - 1 year subscription

This service provides workplace support for the clinical coding activity where other support is not available or too expensive.

for other support services contact:

  • Clinical terminologies and data development (including SNOMED CT)  snomed@ehe.edu.au
  • Nursing informatics     nursing@ehe.edu.au
  • Electronic and Digitized Health Record Systems       ehr@ehe.edu.au
  • Clinical Information Modelling      healthinformatics@ehe.edu.au
  • other –      info@ehe.edu.au