International Computer Drivers License – a necessary precursor to working today:

  • Become digitally literate to suit your business today
  • Meet the new National Informatics Standards for Nurses and Midwives, ICDL modules provide the foundation
  • Get ahead and get certified with ICDL
  • Over 15 computer modules meeting global standards to choose from
  • Choose your profile, expand your options, be more productive, stay relevant Mix and match modules to suit your career goals Full certificate consists of 7 modules, all training and testing is done on-line
  • Demonstrate you meet pre-requisite knowledge and skills for eHe’s Health Informatics courses
[su_service title=”ICDL Computer Systems General” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]Conquer the computer and the internet – learn how to make the most of the tools[/su_service] [su_service title=”ICDL Word processing” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]Learn how to use word processing software and the shortcuts that make writing document easier[/su_service] [su_service title=”ICDL Project Planning” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]Learn how to use project planning software to help organising staff, time and resources[/su_service] [su_service title=”ICDL Spreadsheets” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]Learn how to use spreadsheet software and the shortcuts that make this tool manage figures and information[/su_service] [su_service title=”ICDL Presentation” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]Learn how to present information using computer tools[/su_service] [su_service title=”ICDL Databases” icon=”” icon_color=”#3e912b”]Learn how computers use and manage data as a start to understanding the way a computer processes information[/su_service]