imgresInternational Computer Drivers License – a necessary precursor to working today:

  • Become digitally literate to suit your business today.
  • Meet the new National Informatics Standards for Nurses and Midwives, ICDL modules provide the foundation
  • Get ahead and get certified with ICDL
  • Over 15 computer modules meeting global standards to choose from.
  • Choose your profile, expand your options, be more productive, stay relevant.
  • Mix and match modules to suit your career goals.
  • Full certificate consists of 7 modules, all training and testing is done on-line
  • Demonstrate you meet pre-requisite knowledge and skills for eHe’s Health Informatics courses

Our ICDL courses are supplied in collaboration with our education partner the Global eHealth Collaborative . These links will direct you straight to the appropriate area.

Scope of ICDL courses

GeHCo ICDLeHe provides these via the Global eHealth Collaborative – GeHCo,  a not-for-profit ICDL Accredited Testing Centre, one of only a few available in Australia for the general public.

ICDL Base Modules

ICDL Base modules certify skills that are considered essential skills because they are crucial for anyone who uses a computer to possess.

  • Computer Essentials – key skills and main concepts relating to ICT, computers, devices, and software. Certifies best practice in effective computer use.
  • Online Essentials – essential concepts and skills relating to web browsing, effective information search, online communication and e-mail
  • Word Processing – accomplish everyday tasks associated with creating, formatting, and finishing small-sized word processing documents applied to a range of word processing software from vendor packages to ‘freeware’.
  • Spreadsheets –understand the concept of spreadsheets and demonstrate your ability to use a spreadsheet to produce accurate work outputs.

ICDL Standard Modules

ECDL / ICDL Standard modules complement our range of Base modules. They will enable you to develop your skills in knowledge areas that are appropriate for your everyday life, or for your job role.

  • Presentation – understand the concept of presentations and demonstrate competence in using presentation software.
  • Using Databases – understand the concept of a database, how it is developed, organised and operated.
  • Project Planning – use project management software to prepare project plans and monitor projects, including planning and managing time, costs, tasks, and resources.
  • IT Security – understand the main concepts underlying the secure use of ICT in daily life and to use relevant techniques and applications to maintain a secure network connection, use the Internet safely and securely, and manage data and information appropriately.
  • Managing Online Information – essential concepts and skills relating to identifying, searching, evaluating, organising and communicating online information.
  • Online Collaboration – key concepts relating to online collaboration and cloud computing
  • Web Editing – understand key web publishing concepts. Create, upload, and maintain a web site.
  • Image Editing – understand the main concepts underlying digital images and use an image editing application to enhance images, apply effects, and prepare an image for printing and publishing.

ICDL Advanced Modules

ICDL Advanced modules will enable you to become a ‘power user’/perform advanced actions in four of the most commonly used applications. These modules are aimed at the work user who needs to demonstrate an in depth knowledge of these applications in the course of their job role. Prior to taking an ICDL Advanced module, it is expected that you will already have successfully completed the respective ICDL module.

  • Advanced Word Processing – advanced features of word processing applications to enhance your work, improve productivity and save time.
  • Advanced Spreadsheets – master the more advanced functions of spreadsheet applications, enabling the production of more sophisticated reports, and learn how to perform complex mathematical and statistical calculations, to save time and improve productivity.
  • Advanced Database – maximise database functions, in order to manage and analyse high volumes of data, thus enabling the production of the quantity and quality of information that business today demands.
  • Advanced Presentation – create effective, high-impact presentations using advanced features

Prices include the Certification exam that may be taken in any Australian location by prior agreement.

Student/Employer ICDL benefits:  

  • Get qualified for more jobs with more skills, less stress dealing with workplace computing requirements.
  • Update your skills as technology changes. Sets you apart from job opportunity competition, assist with career path, useful for career planning.
  • Watch your efficiency soar as you work better and faster. Saves staff time – UK NHS research demonstrated 30 min/staff member per day saved.
  • Well prepared for new roles, solid grounding for Health Informatics competencies
  • Join the 13 million people worldwide who have chosen ICDL.

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