eHE works with Universities and other education providers to deliver quality education:

eHealth is a highly specialised and changing area and educational organisations and professional bodies are often challenged to provide courses and expertise to their students and members.  eHE offers expert and experienced health informatics educators with top international reputations.  Give your members or students the best input and leadership.  Support your education providers by giving them backup and access to expertise not available elsewhere.

Partnership approaches include:

  • Use of international course content within your program/s.
  • Access expert educators to develop specific content for your organisation and needs
  • Delivery of courses or subjects within your organisation
  • Share offerings with partners to offer flexibility to students while managing course development and delivery costs

Current collaborations include:

  • academic, science and cultural cooperation agreement with the Centre for Health Informatics of the Central University of Chile in Santiago who are using eHe IP under license.