Digital Health uses information technology to improve and support patient care, health service management, Public Health and all aspects of data and its use in healthcare.

Learn what you need in short, focused courses developed by the world’s best – learn from those who have done it! Courses are designed to prepare and help those with specific roles such as:

  • Decision makers – those who purchase and determine software needs, requirements and directions in the organisation or government
  • Software designers and programmers
  • Health Information Managers – those responsible for the content, safety and control of health data
  • Clinicians – those who use data and who need to specify the data they need, and how they need to use it
  • Epidemiologists, Researchers, Payors and Planners – those who use information systems and the data they produce.

All courses are designed so that they focus on a specific problem in the real world of digital health.  Use the experience and expertise of those who have gone before so that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and can more forward efficiently and safely in digital health systems.

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