Cert 4 in Clinical Classification – Replaced by Diploma

The Certificate IV in Clinical Classification has been a wonderful start for many coders careers but the coding industry requires more skills. No Registered Training Organisation is permitted to enrol new students in the Cert. IV as of the end of June 2021. We are intending to offer the Diploma from August/September this year and will be offering:

  • Diploma of Clinical Coding – full, or special version for those with medical or nursing qualifications,
  • Upgrade from Certificate IV in Clinical Classification to the Diploma in Clinical Coding
  • Transfer from Certificate IV to Diploma of Clinical Coding

In the mean time we will continue to enrol and teach introductory and intermediate coding and offer transition pathways into the Diploma for those who would like to take that pathway.

There is no need to stop learning…. coding is still being taught at eHE.