Project Description

Enhance your Clinical Coding Career

If you have been coding for a few years since your initial study and want to advance your skills this course will prepare you for more senior coding positions. Develop skills to:

  • Undertake and evaluate highly complex clinical coding
  • Act as a mentor to other coding staff
  • Analyse standards and changes to standards and explain those changes to others in your organisation (including basic training skills)
  • Understand activity based costing and DRG systems
  • Text Books – learner's guides and materials proved. Access to ICD-10-AM coding resources arranged separately.

  • Personal Tutor – available to answer your questions and support your learning.

  • Real Records – Practice coding with actual real world examples

  • Simulated Workplace – Build your experience, confidence and CV as you learn

Opportunities after doing this course

This qualification is useful for those working Hospitals, Government, Insurance and Research organisations and may assist you to obtain jobs as a Coding Manager, Coding Mentor or Coding Trainer.

Note: This  course is not qualification is insufficient to work as a coding educator or trainer in a registered training organisation.

Learn while building real world experience

You will have access to highly experienced clinical coders and trainers while completing the course at your own pace online from anywhere in the world. Our trainers are there to help you learn, they are qualified clinical coders, health information managers, health informaticians, and educators.


  • Duration

    • 3 - 6 months - full or part time
  • Start Anytime

    • Work at your own pace
  • Delivery

    • Online with Active Tutoring Support and Meetings
    • Simulated Coding Workplace
  • Qualification

    • TAEDEL402
      Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
    • TAEDEL404
      Mentoring in the workplace
    • BSBAUD411
      Participate in a quality audit

    Along with additional training in advanced coding.

Payment Plans Available

Everything worked seamlessly

Liz Reid

I am so lucky to learn from a highly knowledgeable and intelligent teacher. I appreciate your understanding and teaching skills.

Muyeed Parveez

EHE provided me with the most professional and well organized fascinating education journey.  the knowledge, experience and real practical clinical coding environment equipped me with all I needed.  It was the most valuable investment I’ve ever made.

Abdullah Mansour, BUPA, Saudi Arabia

The Clinical Coder training courses are a well structured course delivered via an easy to follow online platform. The tutors are knowledgeable and helpful and the flexible nature of the course enables you to do it at your own pace and in a time that suits your schedule. The clinical knowledge and practice cases ensures that you are work ready for a professional coding position.

Megan Deutsher

Got a job in my first application and interview after completing the course.  thanks for all the knowledge and support you gave me

Maria Kaprilova, Graduate 2020

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Yasmine Amr Khalil

Become a Senior Coder or Clinical Coding Mentor

The course is designed for those who already have experience in clinical coding (any ICD based code system) and provides the next steps for mentoring or senior coding positions covering highly complex coding and advanced coding skills. Using eHRol the world leading clinical coder training tool to simulate the clinical coding environment you will be practiced as well as skilled when you finish.


  1. A complete entry level qualification which includes clinical coding (such as the Certificate IV in Clinical Classification, the Diploma of Clinical Coding or a qualification in Health Information Management)
  2. A minimum of 2 years experience in clinical coding in a hospital environment since gaining your qualification.

International Students Studying Offshore

ICD coding is considered to be a skill in demand as defined by the Australian Government.

Courses provided by Australia's top coding educators using the top coder training tools and processes for international students studying offshore can still study  through eHE.

Learn Online Anytime

This course is online using the simulated work place environment of eHRol for course delivery, practice and assessment. With tutor support (you don’t have to work on your own).  The skills are taught in 2 Modules and takes an average of 125 hours including time for study, practice and assessment.

Required Tools

Code Books - you must have access to ICD-10-AM resources to take this course - full details of how to obtain your books are in the Getting Started Guide but a summary and links are given below. ICD-10-AM costs approximately $300 - $490 depending on the format you choose and the edition you need.

  • Hardcopy Code Books - 5 Volumes are needed
  • Electronic Code Books - eHE recommend the Turbocoder as it is widely used in the workplace, safer to use and more cost effective than the hardcopy books. A student discount code is provided when you enrol

If you are in a country where ICD-10-AM is not licensed (such as India or the Philippines) you will need to obtain permission to purchase the code books. eHE will give you information on how to do this and as an EHE student you can expect to be approved. You will need you have your EHE student number when you apply.

Materials Provided

  • Learner’s guides - are the text book as well as a guide on how to move through the course.
  • Presentation videos of key content where relevant.
  • References to other sites and documents to assist additional learning
  • Access to eHRol is included: this simulated coding environment contains thousands of real patient records or extracts from real records with instant feedback for practice and assessment in addition to tutor support.
  • Formal assessment is ongoing throughout the course building your confidence and skills as you go.
  • Zoom meetings for online discussions with your personal teacher.

Recognition Upon Successful Completion

eHE will provide a statement of your attainment upon successful completion.

This is not a nationally recognised program.

Industry Engagement

eHE staff and contributors have been active participants in the national Workforce evaluations of clinical coder education, and the recent review which led to the development of the Diploma in Clinical Coding.

Our course developers and tutors have worked as coders, auditors, and lecturers in Health Information Management Programs and many have been senior members of the Health Information Management Association National Board. They have worked as advisers to coding services in Australia and internationally and are regarded as senior members of the profession.

The EHE training team participate regularly in clinical coding governance activities discussing coding standards and correct coding with the eHRol community of Teachers, Coding Managers and Mentors.

If requesting RPL, please forward a copy of your qualification and the units you successfully completed with your enquiry

The eHealth Records online learning portal (eHRol) is cloud-based and ideal for studying health record content, data and code systems. eHRol is the end-to-end tool to simulate the EHR (electronic health record) environment, develop skills and workforce capabilities.

Gain access to a simulated workplace environment for immersion in digital health.

ICD-10-AM Editions in different countries

The Diploma must be taught in the current edition of ICD-10-AM. The current version differs depending on the country you will be working in and EHE will offer courses in each code system version – but we are starting with ICD-10-AM 11th edition.

  • Australia and New Zealand – currently using ICD-10-AM 11th edition with ACHI (the procedure code system which works with ICD-10-AM).
  • Saudi Arabia, Ireland and others – currently using ICD-10-AM 10th edition with ACHI.

You should select the relevant code system version for where you wish to work. The version used in Australia will change to ICD-10-AM 12th edition with ACHI in July 2022. eHE will offer courses in 12th edition starting in 2022.

Note: ICD coding is considered to be a skill in demand as defined by the Australian Government.