‘The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge” – Stephen Hawking.

ICD Coding Mentoring and Assistance

This service provides 12 months of support for clinical coders in solo or remote coding situations, or for those training, or recently qualified or returning to coding.  Details

Workshops in eHealth (click to find out more)

Expert educators from around the world develop and deliver our eHealth/Health Informatics courses.

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Should you invest in further training?

There is a long recognised need to build workforce capacity in health informatics. Successful implementation of Australia’s e-health strategy is dependent upon the existence of workforce e-health capability and capacity. This includes the need for employer based trainers.

It is widely recognised that a more knowledgeable cadre of decision makers as well as staff directly involved in e-health initiatives has the potential to realise significant savings by minimising budget overruns and optimising the realisation of benefits of e-health.

Companies throughout Australia and beyond send their staff to us for training and assessment delivered by highly qualified professional trainers in conducive learning environments. We endeavour to ensure that every participant is welcomed and becomes part of a team based training/learning environment.

eHe Training will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to meet your organisation’s training needs. We are dedicated to provide new learning opportunities enabling your staff to acquire new knowledge and skills.