SNOMED CT ™ is the most functional terminology used in healthcare.  It offers benefits for information sharing and decision support.  It is a key element for electronic health record systems and safe healthcare in the computer age.

However, using SNOMED CT ™ is not just about adding another code system.  Clear clinical meaning in health records takes skill. Implementation into computer systems also needs special tools and skills.

Want to know what SNOMED CT ™ is all about?

eHE and it’s collaborators have been actively involved in training people in healthcare including SNOMED CT ™ for many years.  We have provided input to universities, training organisations and the IHTSDO.  The courses developed are based upon job roles.  They are designed to be taken in small achievable units, when needed. The courses offer assessment to build or confirm the skills.  Certificates of successful completion are provided.  These courses fit the level of post-graduate education and are regularly quality assessed.

Courses in SNOMED CT™

Courses are flexible, taken in your own time, have active tutor support and are regularly reviewed.

Some of the roles for which we have courses include:

  • decision makers
  • users of systems where SNOMED CT ™ is used
  • developers of information systems which have SNOMED CT ™ content
  • health organisation IT staff implementing SNOMED CT ™
  • map creators or those maintaining maps which use SNOMED CT
  • other eHealth data roles

Face to face workshops

Delivered at your site to meet your needs – contact the GeHCo partner in your area.  The Global eHealth Collaborative (GeHCO) provide these courses using eHE as a partner. 

  • eHE USA               USA@gehco.orgHeather Grain at Brazillian SNOMED CT workshop
  • eHE Europe
  • eHE Australasia

University programs

Course materials, tutors and access to online courses can be offered:

  • where specialist SNOMED CT ™ and teaching skills are needed, or
  • where minimal set up and maintenance costs courses are needed.