Healthcare is an information based industry.  The quality of the specification of data in healthcare impact the ability of that data to meet the needs of a wide range of users.  The ability to clearly specify and explain data and its collection and communication requirements is an essential requirement for all healthcare systems today.

This course develops and practices skills in the development of code systems and their content and specification for use in healthcare.  The course also introduces concepts of common existing code systems used across healthcare.

Specific skills include:

  • Use of standard data specifications and code systems
  • Definition of data dictionary entries
  • Quality definition of data – designing health data
  • Assess the impact of data changes in the continuum
  • Accurately retrieve data collected over time
  • Tools used in data specification and code system management

This course is online for $495.00 ENROL

The course can be delivered face to face in your organisation if you would prefer, just contact us on 0413 155 105 for further information.