‘A Clinical Coder is someone who assigns codes to narrative descriptions of patients’ diseases, operations and procedures in accordance with the ICD-10-AM classification to allow for storage, retrieval and analysis of health data.’ (ABS 2010)

Looking for ICD-10-AM training courses to start a career as a clinical coder or extend your skills.

Want to work at your own pace while getting practical active support for your learning? Start and finish courses at times that suit you!

eHe provides you with multiple options to get started (check out the introductory courses) :

  • A stepped progression of individual ICD-10-AM training courses, enabling you to tailor their qualification levels or to build on existing skills.
  • Shorter specialty (subset) training courses for those who only need to be able to code for one specialty.
  • Courses in different editions – choose the one you need
    • 10th edition – Used in Australia from 1 July 2017, also used in New Zealand, Ireland (2019)
    • 9th edition
    • 8th edition
    • 6th edition (Saudi Arabia)
  • Credits are provided for those wishing to upgrade to a full qualification.

All courses are developed and presented by highly qualified and experienced educators with significant coding, auditing and coding management experience.

Learn ICD-10-AM 9th Edition Learn ICD-10-AM 9th Edition

Those wishing to undertake clinical coding or work in healthcare can develop skills through a series of online courses, all supported by expert tutors and experienced clinical coders.


ICD-10-AM Certificates and Qualifications ICD-10-AM Certificates and Qualifications
ICD-10-AM Training course structure 2015

ICD-10-AM Training work flow

Specialty ICD-10-AM Training

Target your training in specific specialties:

  • Obstetrics
  • Paediatrics
  • Dental
  • Endoscopy

Save around 20% compared to other programs, our online resource sharing tools allow us to maintain course quality and tutorial support while pushing the boundaries of efficiency.

Fully supported courses with

  • detailed learners guides,
  • internet and virtual face-to-face access to tutors
  • practical coding scenarios,
  • exercises , incl. realistic and hand written medical record content

We accept qualifications from other RTOs such as HIMAA

Challenge exams to:

  • Confirm or assess your skills (to help you decide where to start your training journey) or
  • Assess staff skills and identify knowledge gaps
  • Confirm understanding of code system updates – FREE  9th Edition proficiency confirmation challenge