This course is designed for those responsible for decision making, construction, maintenance or use of clinical decision support knowledge, data or systems. It is based upon published materials of Standards Australia, HL7 and experience of implementers. This course will benefit you if you

  • are responsible for decisions on clinical governance related to clinical decision support systems
  • need to develop of maintain a knowledge references, including triggers and rule sets for clinical decision support
  • need to design, develop, implement or maintain a clinical decision support system
  • use or analyse the results of using a clinical decision support system
  • assess the benefits and/or risks of a clinical decision support system

This course can be delivered in a single day at your organisation (by arrangement) or taken online.

If taken online tutor support, videos of presentations and discussion sessions are provided.    This course does not include any tests, but does pose questions for you to consider which should help you appreciate the issues in your organisation.

Online $229.00 (incl GST)  (Online course available February 2016)

Face to Face by arrangement email